Ladyfest London 2008: 9-11 May





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1.00 pm

London Cruisers (7mins, UK, 2007) Hannah Quigley + Female + Queer Words + Beats Part 1(80 mins, Germany, 2006) Katharina Ellerbrock

1.00 pm

F to M (8 mins, France, 2006) Sarah Claudon + Not so Black & White (3 mins, UK/Aus, 2007) Col Cruise+ The Perfect Man (23 mins Uk/Sweden 2007)Maria Akesson +Girl Inside (70 mins, Canada, 2007) Maya Gallus

Filmmakers present for Q&A. Screening linked to The Ladies & The Trans forum

12. 00 pm

It Changed My Life (30 mins, UK, 1993) + Don’t Need You (40 mins, USA, 2006) + Female & Queer Words & Beats (18 mins, Germany 2006) + Keep It Moving (9mins, US, 2008)

Filmmakers present for Q&A. Screening linked to Riot Grrl panel discussion.

Screening introduced by NAZ from GIRLS ROCK CAMP

3.00 pmScud (8 mins, UK, 2007) Viv Galvagna + Female + Queer Words + Beats Part 2 (80 mins, Germany, 2008) Katharina Ellerbrock

3.30 pm

comixxxsutra (3mins, Israel, 2006) Shiri Blumenthal + Beaver Lux (15 mins, UK, 2007) Dominique Golden & Saffron Holloway + Erotica, A Journey into Female Sexuality (75 mins, Canada, 1997) Maya Gallus

Filmmakers present for Q&A.

Screening introduced by MEREDITH T MOIRA writer of erotic fiction

2.30 pm

Anna from Benin (45 mins, Germany/ Benin, 2000) Monique Mbeka Phoba + Alleesi… an African Actress (69 mins, Niger, 2004) Rahmatou Keita

Producer of Anna from Benin present for Q&A. Screening linked to live music and stalls event.

screening introduced by ROZ from GHANAIAN FILM FESTIVAL


I Think You Think I Think (15mins, UK, 2005) Anu Gopalakrishnan+ Ophelia Learns to Swim (88 mins, USA, 2000) Jürgen Vsych

Anu Gopal present for Q&A

Screening introduced by JAHLIA from BIRDS EYE VIEW

5.00 pm

Group (USA) Anne De Marken & Marilyn Freeman) + She Wanted to be Burnt & Short (10 mins, UK 2007) Ruth Paxton

Ruth Paxton present for Q&A

Screening introduced by DOLLY from MAD CHICKS

5.00 pm

What are We Doing Tonight? (7 mins,Belgium) + No Way (22 mins, Belgium) + I Wanna be a Butch (3 mins, Belgium) + Not For Sale (22 mins, Belgium, 2006), all by Marie Vermeiren + The Future of Feminism (Ireland, 2007) Cara Holmes + Think About It (6mins, UK 2007) Nayana Fernandez & Daniel Frechoso

Filmmakers present for Q&A.

Screening introduced by EGO from LAMBETH WOMEN’S CENTRE


Leading on from the origins of Ladyfest we are excited to be showing a programme of films documenting some of our favourite musicians and music scenes including: It Changed my Life, Lucy Thane’s film about Huggy Bear and Bikini Kill’s 1993 UK tour, which includes live footage and interviews with the bands and their fans. Kerri Koch’s rarely shown documentary film Don’t Need You ( ) focuses on the herstory of riot grrl in the US with rare footage of Sleater-Kinney, Bikini Kill etc. And bringing us up to date a shortened version of Katharina Ellerbrock’s award-winning film Female + Queer words + Beats ( ) (the complete features show on Friday in their own programme) features some of our present day musical sheroes including Le Tigre, Rhythm King and Her Friends and Lesbians on Ecstasy. We are proud to be presenting the UK premiere of Female + Queer Words + Beats, with Katharina, Lucy and Conseulo on hand to discuss their films. There will also be a panel discussion on Riot Grrl taking place in the Holloway Resource Centre, see the main programme for more details.

NEW ADDITION TO THIS PROGRAMME: Keep It Movin by Conseulo Ramirez a short docmentary about the lesbian rap group from Florida, US, Yo Majesty. Featuring interviews and live footage, these ladies rock!! We are delighted that Conseulo Ramirez will also be joining us for the screening.

We have a fascinating double bill of documentary films from Africa; the UK premiere of Monique Mbeka Phoba’s insightful film Anna from Benin which follows 17 year old Anna, one of 31 children, as she tries to carve out a singing career for herself and struggles with her domineering father. Rahmatou Keita’s film (which had its UK premiere in the Images of Black Women festival this year at the Tricycle cinema) Al’leessi…An African Actress focuses on Souley who was once the legendary bad girl of African cinema defying directors with her compelling improvisations. Now, 30 years later, she lives in a 2 room apartment without electricity or running water… ( Alongside these screenings we will be taking over the café area with a performance from singer songwriter Ekua Tu ( and stalls including handmade African cosmetics and a delicious East African vegetarian buffeta .

We are proud to announce the UK premiere of Jürgen Vsych’s debut feature film Ophelia Learns to Swim ( Julia Lee from Buffy as a downtrodden girl who eventually manages to unleash the power of her own oestrogen! A campy feminist fable, brought to us by the author of The Woman Director. Check out the trailer on youtube! ( Showing with Anu Gopalakrishnan’s amusing and inventive look into the human mind, I Think You Think I Think. Come and have fun at the movies without having to abandon your feminist principles! Popcorn extra!


JURGEN VSYCH…The Fabulous writer/ director of Ophelia Learns To Swim (IAF, Friday, 5.00pm) sends a spirited salutation to LadyFest London…

We are pleased to invite Belgian feminist filmmaker and activist Marie Vermeiren to present a programme of her witty, empowering and original short films including the UK premiere of her new film about women in the sex industry world-wide Not For Sale, alongside the UK premiere of Cara Holmes’ new documentary film The Future of Feminism. Cara will also be present at the screening and we look forward to some lively debate after the films!

We will be screening Maya Gallus’ wide-ranging and fascinating documentary Erotica A Journey into Female Sexuality ( which features interviews with Pauline Reage, Fairy Butch, Candida Royale and Annie Sprinkle among others. Screening alongside this Dominque Golden and Saffron Holloway will be presenting the world premiere of their beautiful animation film Beaver Lux (

We are honoured to present the UK premiere of Maya Gallus’ Canadian documentary Girl Inside ( which follows the 3 years in which Mathew makes the transition to finally becoming Madison with the help of her grandmother. It is a joy to watch someone able to experience something so life-changing with a supportive family member on hand. Showing with (also UK premiere) Sarah Claudon’s experimental short film F to M constructed from photos and the personal testimony of a French trans man . Alongside these we are screening Col Cruise’s animated short featuring an intersex person Not so Black and White. This screening is linked to ‘The Ladies and the Trans’ a forum the relationship between trans identities and femininity, organised by Col Cruise and MissTer ScraTch.

Bad News:  Maya Gallus will not be flying over from Canada to present her films; owing to illness, she is unable to travel. We are sorry that Maya won’t be joining us and we know she is also disappointed to miss the festival. boo hoo.

Female + Queer Words + Beats pt1 (Germany 2006 80 mins).Katharina Ellerbrock. Featuring in depth interviews and live footage of Le Tigre, Peaches, Räuberhöle, Hanin Elias (from atari teengae riot) and Rhythm King and her Friends. A much needed exploration into feminist and queer women making electronic music.

showing with London Cruisers (UK 2006 7 mins) Hannah Quigley. a sweet documentary on the London women’s basketball team and their on/off court relationships.

Female + Queer Words + Beats pt2 (Germany 2008 80 mins). Katharina Ellerbrock. Part two of Katharina’s (hopefully neverending) documentary series on queer female musicians features Boyskout, The Organ, Lesbians on Ecstasy, Lyndsey Cockburn, Kevin Blechdom and Planning to Rock. This (and part 1) is the UK premiere and a rare chance to find out more about our favourite bands and musicians.

showing with Scud (UK 2008 8mins) Viv Galanga. What happens when you give a group of women a video camera and wake them up too early? they make a film of course!

We will be showing the experimental feature Group (dirs Anne De Marken and Marilyn Freeman) about a women’s therapy group featuring the acting talents of, among others, Carrie Brownstein (Sleater-Kinney), Nomy Lam and Lola Rock and Rolla alongside Ruth Paxton’s disturbing short fiction She Wanted to be Burnt

The film screenings will be taking place in the Islington Arts Factory on Camden road and the festival takes place from the 9-11th May 2008 (

Please contact Kanchi and Josefeen for up to date information regarding the programme at or check the website: or the myspace:

film group @ March 18, 2008