Ladyfest London 2008: 9-11 May





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Islington Arts Factory and Holloway Resource Centre

This year’s Ladyfest London places particular political focus on London as a cultural melting pot. Therefore we are proud to present a great variety of works by artists from all over the world as well as pictures made in and including references to life in London.

We are pleased to be able present an impressive selection of different approaches towards fine arts, displaying techniques that range from drawings, photography and illustrations, to graffiti and even embroidery.

The large diversity of artistic expression corresponds with the variety of women’s experiences and personalities. Nevertheless, the artists’ works feature two recurring themes; women’s perception of the world constructed around them and the self-perception of women within this world.

Alex Brew - photography

The images presented by English photographer Alex Brew are part of her ‘Asking for it’ project about power, fear and submission, photographing men in confrontational and vulnerable situations.

Alison Henry - photography

Alison’s work documents the feeling of community identity through friends, bands and parties.

Bruna Mardues - illustration

Bruna is a designer and illustrator from Porto Alegre, in southern Brazil. Her work is all about the direct expression of feelings through forms.

Kashink - graffiti

Kashink is a graffiti artist from France. Her work is very powerful, with surreal forms represented in strong colours and simple lines. She points out artists like Basquiat and Frida Khalo as a reference.

Nayana Fernandez - photography

Nayana Fernandez is a Brazilian photographer and filmmaker based in London. She’s particularly interested in the impact of advertising and media in people’s lives.

Nazita Matres Rezai - photography

Nazita’s illustrations look at gender roles and prejudice, making reference to pop culture, language and symbols. She lives in Madrid and is also a photographer.

Ochi Reyes - photography

Based in London, Spanish photographer Ochi Reyes presents a sequence of images taken from a screening of the film Tarzan, from 1932, considering idealised love, male and female roles and gender boundaries.

Silvana Mello - painting/embroidery

Silvana Mello is a multimedia artist living in Sao Paulo. Her work portrays her thoughts about freedom, equality, social problems and life in general.

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