Ladyfest London 2008: 9-11 May





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fear of a female planet!

Ladyfest London Films presents: Fear of a Female Planet

Islington Arts Factory 9 – 11 May

Show times:

9 May: 12:00, 14:00, 16:00

10 May 12:00, 14:00, 16:00

11 May 10:30, 11:40

Duration: 69:00

Running order:

1. Chicago (04:35, Canada, 2008)

Dir: Amy Lynn Kazymerchyk

Music: Rachel Ries

Spreading the love in The Windy City with flowers.;

2. Don’t Be Mean (04:03, UK, 1996)

Dir: Gina Birch

Music: The Raincoats

Spreading the hate in The Big Smoke with flowers.;

3. I Want You to Know (04:49, Germany, 2004)

Music: Masha Qrella

Live clip from Monika’s Himmelfahrt concert.

4. The Making Of (06:57, Netherlands, 2007)

Dir: Esther Mugambi

Music: Esther Mugambi and Rosa Ensemble

Sepia-toned cyber drama.

5. No Picture of the Hero! (04:20, Germany, 2007)

Dir: Karin Michalski, Sabrina Baumann, Rhythm King and Her Friends

Music: Rhythm King and Her Friends

Arty performance from the Berlin-based electro duo.

6. Dalek Chorus (05:20, UK, 2007)

Dir: Saffron Holloway, Dominique Golden

Music: Jesus Licks

Shopping trolley on the loose.

7. We’re All Gonna Fucking Die (03:31, Germany, 2003)

Dir: Barbara Morgenstern

Music: Barbara Morgenstern

Monochrome-hued instrumental from Wohnzimmer pioneer.

8. Eternal Flame (03:30, USA, 2007)

Dir: Leah Meyerhoff

Music: Joan As Police Woman

Joan As Statue of Liberty lights up a beach party.

9. Lost (04:32, UK, 2008)

Dir: Jenny-May While

Music: Librarian

The lost link between breakfast and art.

10. In Dreams (03:00, UK, 2007)

Dir: Claire Townsend

Music: Fat Eskimo

Animated dream romance.

11. Move Me (03:54, Germany, 2007)

Dir: Zarah and Paula

Music: Gudrun Gut

Bedroom video from precocious talents.

12. Heavy Head Boy (01:30, UK, 2004)

Dir: Toni Das

Music: Slow Gun

Kids got the boogie.

13. No, No, No (02:24, UK, 2003)

Dir: Alexandra Roberts

Music: The Gossip

Beth and co. rock it live at the Free Butt in Brighton.

14. Your Turn to Run (04:30, Germany, 1984)

Dir: D Hormel/B Bühler/G Gut

Music: Malaria!

West Berlin + post-punk + Super 8 = smouldering grainy delights.

15. Hotklub (05:37, UK, 2006)

Dir: Rebecca Closure

Music: Rebecca Closure

Hot skipping action.;

16. Sometimes (03:37, Israel, 2007)

Dir: Yael Claire Shahmoon (SpiriTwo), Asi Oren, David Parente, Alon Gerson

Music: SpiriTwo

Hair-raising camp goth melodrama.

17. Gerbils (02:26, UK, 2007)

Dir: Tasha Hollywood

Music: Queer Junglists

Tongue-in-cheek public health warning from the QJs.;

18. Team Queen (03:37, USA, 2006)

Dir: Leah Meyerhoff

Music: Triple Creme

US high school tribes collide in a burlesque frenzy.

Fear of a Female Planet is at the Islington Arts Factory, 2 Parkhurst Road LONDON N7.

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